Gaston,the manufactury of Industrial Valve regulated Lead acid batteries,makes every effort to reach the hightest attainable quality standard.
The product range consists of batteries having between 5 to 15 years design life,with Capacities ranging from 0.8Ah to 3000Ah.

In the ever increasing demand for portable equipment and standby power,the Gaston GT range is suitable for both cyclic and float applications.
The GT utilises the latest AGM technology,provides the durability,flexibility and performance that are expected from a battery of this type,makes the list of endless applications.

The new GT-HR range of Gaston has been specially designed for applications requiring high rate discharge for short duration.
The GT-HR utilitises the latest AGM technology,providing durability, flexibity and high performance.

The new GT-C range of Gaston has been Specially designed for deep cycle application and extension of cycle life.


Newly developed range for highly increasing demand of application in communication equipment, electric power systems, solar power systems, military back-up systems, railway power systems, aviation/navigation systems,etc.

The new GTS series offers 15 years design life.



The New Mode GT-TS Series is designed for Traction Starter. It offers more than 10000 times start life.


The new designed GT-NL & F series is battery used rack-line (front terminal) for telecom power UPS, etc. and offer more than 10 years design life..

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